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Elevate Volleyball Club is born of a family that loves, plays, and coaches the sport at an advanced level. Based in southern Carroll County in Maryland, Elevate brings knowledge from clubs on both coasts. The founders, having lived on both coasts and been involved in 5 previous clubs, have seen how clubs operate from the parent, player, and coach perspective. With this knowledge and a commitment to continual growth for players AND coaches, Elevate Volleyball Club is looking to be what so many parents, players, and coaches are looking for: education and coaching at individualized levels.

Quality Over Quantity

Unlike many other clubs, Elevate is not looking to maximize profits for personal gain. We are a not for profit organization looking for quality over quantity. We want to provide HIGHLY skilled coaches for your players, we will not sacrifice your athlete's growth in order to fill as many teams as possible with coaches who aren't highly qualified.

A Tradition of Giving

Elevate Volleyball Club is veteran owned and operated. Brad Kutzler, a bronze star combat veteran, was in the Army for 11 years. His wife (high school sweetheart and co-founder) Sarah stood by his side through deployments and field exercises. She freely gave her time to support and raise funds for the entire units and their families. The call to serve is an unshakable tenant of our club. Not only do the founders continue to volunteer their time to serving the volleyball community, but also continuing to support the veteran community.

Positive and Well Rounded Coaching

We don't believe in correcting failures to execute a skill with non volleyball related punishments. How does running miles help me learn to serve?! We believe in identifying, educating, and enhancing player mechanics to create the best opportunity for improvement. We use video technology, goal tracking, and individual meetings to hone in on areas for growth. We will provide not only skills coaching, but volleyball focused speed, agility, jump, and reaction time training. We also provide team mental toughness training and college recruitment assistance and advice for all athletes.





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