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Club sports can get expensive!

Make sure you know what you're paying for

Our current tuition is $1600 for the season for full tournaments players and $800 for taxi players. Below you'll see all that we include!



Every tournament player receives 3 jerseys. Taxi players are welcome to purchase jerseys as well if they choose to do so, for scrimmages or photos.

Warm Ups

Each player will receive 2 warm up shirts. These can be worn at practice, but will always be worn upon entering a tournament facility and during warmups. We want to show that we are a strong solid group.


Personalized Backpack

You gotta carry all that gear around somehow! Every player receives a backpack.

Shoe Holsters

Those shoes do be stanky!! Yes, so do kneepads and jerseys, but in an effort to help keep the dirt from your shoes out of your bag and off your jerseys - we are providing every player with shoe holsters. Plus, they're just neat. 

box jumps.jpg

Agility & Strength Training

Roughly once a week each team will participate in strength and agility training. The exercises used are extremely volleyball specific. We will give our athletes the opportunity to jump higher, hit harder, move effectively, and react faster.

Mental Toughness Training

Pending tournaments and scrimmages, once a week each team will have mental toughness training. We will cover topics that will help athletes navigate the intense emotions and pressure that can come with player a sport at an elite level. This has two beneficial outcomes. Your athlete will be better equipped to handle the pressure and stress, bounce back from failures, and continue to grow. Second, your athlete will learn more about their teammates and learn to interact and communicate together in order to create the highest level of team chemistry possible. Any great coach will agree - team chemistry can make or break a season! 


Team Scoring/Reffing Class

The teams will have a day where the directors will be teaching them the ins and outs of scoring and reffing. We will have a presentation, Q&A, verbal tests, then have everyone take their pre-test with an instructor present to make the process much smoother. 
***pssst... parents! you can come too if you're interested in learning and understanding the game better!***


Scholarship Opportunities

We are very proud of our non-profit status and our ability to give back. College is already an intimidating next step, and for many it is simply unattainable due to cost. We want to help make that less of a concern through awarding scholarships at the end of every season. Our hope is that these will become more numerous and larger each year. 


College Athlete Prep

With an NCAA volleyball player on our staff, we not only will be able to help advise you of how to market yourself to college coaches, but she can give you first hand accounts of how the process works. We will also be offering marketing packages for athletes who want to have their own site and social media accounts for themselves strictly to showcase their skills as an athlete. 

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